Personalised Affirmation Mandalas

Rosella intuitively creates personalised mandalas which are specific to your energy, each mandala is supplied with affirmations and personal guidance.

Affirmation Mandala Affirmation Mandala Affirmation Mandala Affirmation Mandala Affirmation Mandala Affirmation Mandala
Affirmation Mandala


How the Affirmation Mandalas evolved

In 2005  the mandalas arrived as a psychic bombardment. At this time, whilst, giving sound healing,I began to experience an overwhelming compulsion to draw a picture with words for my client. Eventually, the compulsion became too strong to ignore and I created my first affirmation mandala, which resulted in a commission and as more people saw them, I received more commissions.
The early affirmation mandalas were very simple , with around 8 affirmations written on the mandala and a piece of guidance writing on the side.  The size was 8 x 10 ins. A4.
Receiving requests for the writing to be separate, created a space for a more intricate mandala and more in depth information.

Commissions undertaken

I require no information, except the name of the person which I  meditate on for several days. Once the symbols become clear and have not changed,  I will make several sketches and once the drawing settles, I will begin to paint the mandala. During this whole process, I am receiving affirmations, key words and pieces of guidance writing which I type out separately and send with the mandala.
To obtain the most benefit from your mandala keep it visible at all times and read the affirmations daily. The mandala is a toolbox for the journey of transformation and self-empowerment.

Each mandala is unique and has its own personality which dictates its size, but generally, it will be anything from A4 to an A3 in size. (10 x 8 ins and 16 x 12ins).
The affirmation mandala can take up to 4 weeks to complete.

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