Balance flowing like water

Mandala Art

  • Original art
  • Posters / Prints
  • Cards
  • Commissions accepted

The 48 mandalas on my gallery page, have all been professionally printed as greeting cards.
On the back of each card is the name of the mandala and its message or affirmation.
The cards are printed on quality 400gm card and measure 144 x 144 mm. The inside of the card is blank.

All of the mandalas on my gallery are available as A3 prints.
I usually have a selection of prints available but as I have them printed in small amounts, it is possible that not every print is available immediately.
The print comes with a written piece of information about its meaning and its message.
If you wish to own a customised sized print please contact me.

Once I have an inspiration for a new mandala, I sketch it a few times in a note book until I understand how to construct it. Each mandala is measured very carefully to create an underlying balance, this can be a lengthy process.  The mandala dictates the colours on a 'need to know' basis - this means it is rare for a mandala to be painted from the centre outwards or from the rim inwards - I paint where the colour needs to go. During this process I may be receiving information, about the meaning of the mandala and this often continues once I take time to meditate on the mandala.
Each mandala is drawn on heavy water colour paper and is then painted in iridescent water colours.
The standard size is 56 x 56 cm and can take up to a month to complete.


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