Mandala Readings

I have created and painted a set of affirmation mandala cards.
These mandala cards are used to give personal guidance readings.


The mandalas I create all have messages and meanings on them, which I receive as I paint them or, by meditating on the finished mandala.
I believe the messages are a toolbox for our journey of self empowerment.
These insightful messages resulted in the creation of a Mandala Oracle card set, which I use to give life guidance readings.
My readings highlight re-occurring patterns and the challenges you may be working with right now. The mandala cards draw attention to the gifts and talents that you possess. Within the reading you will receive positive affirmations relating to the cards you have selected to support your journey of transformation and self-empowerment.
The Mandala Oracle set of 44 cards is printed in limited amounts and is available on my sales page.


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