Blue harmonics

Sound Healing

Having worked in musical theatre, with singing being an important part of my life, I became fascinated by sound for healing. For several years, I explored how sound affected the body exploring tuning forks, singing bowls and experimented with  Indian Raga, a classical Indian Musical tradition and Mongolian over tones. For a while, I sang with a jazz/gospel choir. During this time, I realised the power of the voice for healing and I qualified as a sound healer in 2004.
Despite my singing experience, I am using sound as a vibration for healing, with my voice and body being the instrument. I believe that using my intuition and a positive intent, is key to the sound healing experience.
If you would like to book a 30min or 1hr one to one session -  please contact me for availability.

This is a workshop for beginners, not from a singing perspective but exploring sound as a vibration.
Sound can be a powerful medium for self-healing through the experience of giving and receiving of sound.
Singing experience definitely NOT needed.
My intent is to create an up-lifting and joyful experience.

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